The island of Andros

Andros is a relatively small island with a surface of around 374 km2. It is part of a group of islands named Cyclades. In the mythology Andros was the hero of the island.

During antiquity Andros was a navigation power. The most prosperous period was in the Byzantine times when the Philosophic Academy was established and Byzantine churches were built many of which are preserved up to now. After the Byzantine times, the island was occupied by the Venetians for about one century and subsequently the Turks took over for another three centuries. Many of the island's inhabitants are still sailors. As in the other Cyclades the white is the color of the island. There are picturesque villages, cultural life, many museums an archeological site where important excavations take place and many Byzantine Monasteries. It is to note that the museum of modern art expose every year the main work of a famous artist.