Scientific: The scientific program is not yet available.

A list of confirmed speakers follows:

Confirmed speakers

Name Title Country
Alexandratou Eleni to be announced Greece
Anastassopoulou Ioanna to be announced Greece
Babich Yuri Functional Clustering of the Skin in health and disease:new electrodynamic features Ukraine
Baciou Laura Oxidative stress resistance and ionizing radiation damages of human neutrophils France
Baldea Ioana Antitumor effects mediated by silver nanoparticles on oral dysplastic keratinocytes- in vitro study Romania
Bauer Georg Signal amplification by tumor cells: clue to the understanding of the antitumor effects of cold atmospheric plasma and plasma-activated medium Germany
Black Homer Background to studies on the Anti and Pro-Carcinogenic Mechanisms of Carotenoids USA
Burke Karen to be announced USA
Demonacos Costas Evasion of immunorecognition by breast cancer cells under diverse oxidative stress conditions is facilitated by the function of Protein Disulphide Isomerases (PDIs) UK
Korac Bato Molecular basis of surviving/adaptation in deep hibernation torpor: A skin lesson Serbia
Kouretas Demetrios An integrated battery of tests to assess oxidative stress in cells and tissues Greece
Lila Mary Ann Berry components prevent ozone-induced inflammasome activation in skin USA
Magiatis Prokopios to be announced Greece
Makrantonaki Evgenia Influence of IGF-I and oxidative stress on Wnt signaling in epidermal stem cells. Germany
Marrot Laurent Oxidative and photo-oxidative stress in skin exposed to atmospheric pollution France
Martin Paul ROS as an immune cell attractant to wounds and cancer UK
Munir Saira MSCs on neutrophil activation depends on TRL-4 mediated sensing at the wound site Germany
Ntalianis Argirios From skin and face transplantation to heart transplantation; Ethical considerations Greece
Petrou Athina Competition between proteins of proteinaceous diseases and antioxidants in capturing singlet oxygen's empty π* orbital Greece
Sastre Juan to be announced Spain
Skaltsa Eleni The contribution of natural products to the treatment of psoriasis Greece
Theophanidis Theophilos Fourier Transform Infrared and Raman spectra of Human Skin for the study and recognition of diseases in Skin Greece
Trougakos Ioannis Functional cross talk between proteostatic and mitostatic mechanisms. The role of proteasome. Greece
Truscott George Photo- and high energy radiation protection by dietary carotenoids UK
Werner Sabine The bright and the dark sides of Nrf2 in wound healing and skin carcinogenesis Switzerland
Wondrak Georg Pharmacological modulation of cellular stress response pathways for skin photoprotection and photochemoprevention USA
von Woedtke Thomas Plasma medicine: innovative physics for medical applications Germany
Valacchi Giuseppe to be announced Italy
Virgili Fabio Need (more than) two to Tango: multiple molecular tools acting to adapt cells to changes in oxygen availability Italy


Saturday, September 8, 2018 - Official Dinner: traditional musicians and dancers will accompany us during the dinner.

Sunday, September 9, 2018